Best Apple Watch Deals: Save $50 on a Series 7, $35 on Watch SE

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Whether you’re trying to count steps or get into a guided workout, an Apple Watch can help you get or stay fit. Achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle is made easier with an assist from the fitness-tracking Apple Watch. Spring the perfect time to get back outside to resume our walking regimens and exercise routines. The days are growing longer and starting Sunday we’ll get an extra hour of sunshine in the evenings when we set our clocks ahead an hour for daylight savings. In addition to keeping up with your fitness goals, the Apple Watch is also handy for checking notifications and controlling your music on the go, without needing to pull out your iPhone.

There are also new color choices: blue, green, midnight (black), starlight (a gold-silver blend) and Product Red. Its current $349 price is the lowest price we’ve seen yet for it. The Series 7 features a larger display with thinner bezels, the promise of better durability and faster charging (but not better battery life than the Series 6). The 41mm model is $50 off in most colors at Amazon.

The Watch SE starts at $279 and boasts a more powerful processor and a Retina display that’s 30% larger than the one on the much older Series 3. The Watch SE is the step-down model in Apple’s 2020 smartwatch line. You can get it at a $35 discount at Amazon right now with a black band and $30 off in other colors. It’s similar to the 2019 Series 5 but without the always-on screen and EKG function. Amazon has offered as much as a $50 discount on the Watch SE in the past.

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And you can save $30 or $35 right now on the more affordable Watch SE, which has many of the same impressive features as the Series 7. The Apple Watch Series 7 gets a larger screen and, for the first time ever, a QWERTY keyboard. For both the Apple Watch SE and the Series 7, you may need to seek out particular colors to snag the best discount and the lowest price. Both models (the 41mm and 44mm) are discounted on Amazon by $50, which the biggest price break we’ve seen yet. The Apple Watch SE is slightly smaller, though, and lacks an always-on display, blood oxygen saturation measurements and the ability to take electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) measurements. It also has new color options, and it offers faster charging and improved durability for the same price as the discontinued Series 6.

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